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S3 Ep. 6: Small Ruminant Herd Health w/ Randy Saner

September 04, 2023 Season 3 Episode 6
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Aloha and mahalo for tuning in! In this episode, we talk story with University of Nebraska Lincoln Extension Educator, Randy Saner.  He talks about many different aspects of small ruminant herd health!

Resources mentioned: UNL Goat Production Basics 

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Parasites in Hawaiʻi
Grazing Management Practices
Multi-Species Grazing
Sheep vs. Goat Nutrition/Feed
Poisonous/Toxic Plant Grazing
Sheep vs. Goat Minerals
Water Intake Requirements
Growth Stages Nutritional Requirements
Body Condition Scoring (BCS)
Diseases and Vaccinations
Classes of Dewormers
Randy Saner Resources